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Our criminologists and econometricians are investigating the motivation behind gun ownership and through policy development, are taking the first step to wiping out gun violence altogether. Are there better ways to learn? How dissertation in thesis technology improve the classroom?

Pictured here in a dynamic learning environment in our Learning and Teaching Building, Faculty of Education Lecturer Michael Phillips is searching for answers. Through his work collaborating with researchers to change the way teachers integrate digital learning into classrooms we can better communicate with current and future students.

Hari Venugopal. The facility was recently used to conduct research that could lead to cheaper, more effective drugs to treat rare blood diseases and sepsis.

Geraldine Burke is a Faculty of Education lecturer, focusing on and connecting generations through community-based art projects.

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Cecilia Blomstedt and other scientists use the Jock Marshall Reserve for a number of research projects. Thanks to virtual reality, advancement is at our fingertips. Stephen Dubsky to explore large scale data, environments and scenarios with a clarity that used to be impossible. Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Lecturer Dr. Natalie Trevaskis leads a program focused on developing new drug delivery solutions, designed to treat obesity related diseases.

These will replace current treatments that shorten lifespans and introduce toxicities. We see things a little differently. Our Clayton campus is committed to being a living example of positive change. As the first Australian university to commit to an energy reduction target, we're proud to be a leader in taking action on climate change.Then consider using our custom essay writing service. The next stage is an English language test and subject proficiency assessment.

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