You can write additional notes on the slides, cross out something, draw images, etc. Because you could do these changes while presenting, it made it easier for the presenter to engage with the audience. For instance, you can ask your audience questions, and then write down their answers on the slide.

While this might have been a great option back in the day, OHPs were quite heavy. But with the advent of PowerPoint, people can make presentations with just a few mouse clicks. And not just any boring static presentation either.

But attractive and attention-grabbing slideshows! Of course, the earliest versions of PowerPoint look nothing alike the most recent versions. But looks aside, the functionality was already there. Over the years, Microsoft has designed and tweaked PowerPoint to be more user-friendly and more intuitive. Its interface may not be as sleek and as pretty as more recent presentation software, but it does give you plenty of granular control over your presentation.

If you know where to look, you can literally edit every aspect of your slides, right down to the last element! Here are some popular uses of PowerPoint.


This is the most popular use of PowerPoint. Instead of writing down their class lessons on whiteboards and blackboards, lecturers can simply prepare their slides in advance and present them in class.

With a PowerPoint lesson, lecturers can go through each point on the slideshow and engage or interact with their students directly. Make your PowerPoint lectures fun and memorable so your students are able to retain more information from your lecture! Likewise, startups and salespeople can use attractive slide decks that accurately depict the product or service they are pitching to potential clients or investors. Each PowerPoint theme includes a pair of fonts-one for headings and titlesand another for bullet points and paragraph text.

Including more than one font is key to making your slides look well-designed. However, many of the default font pairs are a little bland. Why not use some different fonts?

In his letter, and in a recent discussion at the Forum on Leadership at the Bush Center, Bezos revealed that "narrative structure" is more effective than PowerPoint. Instead of reading bullet points on a PowerPoint slide, everyone sits silently for about 30 minutes to read a "six-page memo that's narratively structured with real sentences, topic sentences, verbs, and nouns.

After everyone's done reading, they discuss the topic. As a student of narrative storytelling in business for the past 20 years, I can tell you exactly why it's so much better. Animoto Blog. The persuasive power of video is not limited to the social media feed. The page is set up to insert text in bullet format. You can use bullets, or you can delete the power point presentation and type a paragraph.

If you choose to stay with the bullet format, type your text and hit "return" to make the next bullet show up. Once you have created your first couple of slides, you might want to add a design to your presentation.

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Open, and edit, or save Microsoft PowerPoint files with the Chrome extension or app. Convert PowerPoint files to Google Slides and vice versa. Present your stories easily. No wires needed. You can create a variety of expressions using the shapes….

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This template is a light themed lighthouse at sunset. This symbolizes the bright future and success of business. This template is a firefighter theme designed to extinguish the fire. You can create a variety of expressions using the shapes and backgrounds included in the template, we always want….You can also include the in-text citation as part of the sentence, using a signal phrase.

Here's an example:.

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In his PowerPoint presentation, Smith identifies karma and reincarnation as two basic beliefs of Hinduism. Jon Zamboni began writing professionally in He has previously written for The Spiritual Herald, an urban health care and religious issues newspaper based in New York City, and online music magazine eBurban. One is for an image with full copyright; the other is for an image with a Creative Commons license.

Figure 1. Cover of the APA Style manual. Copyright by the American Psychological Association. Cat watching World of Warcraft on a laptop. In other words, something along the lines of: See Figure 1.

If you don't know the year, omit it or add the date you accessed the presentation online. For instance: "Smith, J.

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Write the title in italics and the presentation type in square brackets. Clearly state the title of the PowerPoint presentation in italics. Follow this immediately by writing the format of the presentation in square brackets. Follow this with a period. Sensitivity and Social Media [PowerPoint slides]. Write the words "Retrieved from" in front of your URL and add a space.

Do not add punctuation after the first two words or after the link address. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Related wikiHows. More References 5. About This Article.

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Co-Authored By:. APA 6th Edition. If the PowerPoint is available to people via an open website or by other public means, please use the usual APA rules to cite the resource. For example. Start your reference list entry with the author's name. Type the author's last name first, followed by a comma. Type a space, then include the author's first and middle initials, each followed by a period. If the author's middle initial isn't available, simply use their first initial.

Add the year the slide presentation was published. After the author's initials, type a space, then include the year the presentation was published in parentheses. Place a period after the closing parentheses. Provide the title of the presentation and a description of the format. Type a space after the period following the year of publication, then type the title of the presentation.

Use sentence-case, capitalizing only the first word of the title and any proper nouns. After the title, type a space and include the words "PowerPoint slides" in square brackets. Effective working teams [PowerPoint slides]. Chicago citation structure:. Hello all paper writers! Take a moment to try our spell checkerpower point presentation refresh your knowledge on English basics with our EasyBib grammar guides!

A good PowerPoint citation will benefit your research paper. Published PowerPoint presentations can be found through the internet. When you are math pre k to cite online PowerPoint presentation, you need to make sure that the citation should adopt the term "PowerPoint slides" in brackets.

Follow the correct citation example in APA style, which should include the author name, date, title, etc. Andrew, J. To avoid plagiarism, presenters need to treat a PowerPoint presentation like any research paper or article.