Author Guidelines

It would be very helpful if you could suggest a selection of reviewers and include their contact details. We may not always use the reviewers you recommend, but suggesting reviewers will make our reviewer database much richer; in the end, everyone will benefit. We reserve the right to return manuscripts in which no reviewers are suggested. The final responsibility for the decision to accept or reject a paper lies with the editors. In many cases, papers may be rejected despite favorable reviews because of editorial policy or a lack of space.

The editor retains the right to determine publication priorities, the style of the paper, and to request, if necessary, that the material submitted be shortened for publication. The cover letter should inform the editor that neither the submitted material nor portions thereof have been published previously or are under consideration for publication elsewhere.

When more than one related manuscript has been published or is under consideration for publication by this or other Journal s, authors are required to declare this in their letter and to enclose copies of the relevant publications for editorial review. Failure to do so may lead to an columbia university dissertation rejection of the submitted manuscript.

The corresponding author should certify that all listed authors participated meaningfully in the study and that they have seen and approved the final manuscript. The manuscript must be double-spaced with 3 cm margins on A4 sized paper.

Please number the pages consecutively, beginning from the research paper order of authors page. A running title should be added if the title exceeds 12 words. Provide a short descriptive statement regarding the contributions of each co-author e. Nonstandard abbreviations, references, or footnotes should not be used. A maximum of five key words should appear below the abstract, using MeSH terms. Main text 1 Original articles All clinical research papers that involve human or animal subjects must be accompanied by evidence of an Institutional Review Board or Ethics Committee Review.

The maximum word count is 3, words. References should be critical and relevant to the manuscript, figure legends, tables, and illustrations. The introduction should not contain either results or conclusions.

Order of authors in a research paper

Include the name and location city, state, country of any manufacturer mentioned in the text. Outline any statistical methods used. Either describe the ethical guidelines used for human or animal study or provide evidence of the approval granted by an institutional human research review committee or animal welfare committee. The finalised html version is then posted a few days later.

The journal now also emails all authors at acceptance stage. Should the case have been handled differently? In cases of dispute the journal might want to sanction temporary withdrawal of the paper from the website. Skip to main content.

The authors should cite recent studies published in scientific journals, but the citation of classical works is accepted.

The A to Z of paper authorship

In the last paragraph of the Introduction, the authors must submit a scientific hypothesis and the objective of the study, the same as the summary. Material and Methods should present a description of the experimental conditions and methods used so that there is enough information to repeat the work. Formulas, expressions, or mathematical equations should be initiated to the left of the page.

Include references to statistical analysis and report about the transformation of the data.

Order of authors changing between a submitted manuscript and a published paper

In Results and Discussion, the authors should present the research results and discuss them in order to relate order of authors in a research paper variables examined to the objectives of the study.

The mere comparison of results with the data presented by other authors did not characterize the discussion of them. The authors should avoid excessive speculation and the data should not be presented both in tables and figures. The Conclusion must answer the question addressed in the research, confirming or not the hypothesis of the work, according to the objectives. The authors should be aware that the conclusion is not a summary of the main results.

Only the strictly necessary references for the understanding of the article should be cited, we recommend around 25 references to articles and scientific notes.

The list of references should begin on a new page. In MLA, omit titles, affiliations and degrees that follow or precede the names of source authors. If a source author has a name with an essential suffix, such as Jr. For example, Rockefeller, John D. If a source author has a hyphen in their name, keep the hyphen exactly as it appears in the authoritative section of the work.

When writing in MLA, it is acceptable to use pseudonyms and simplified names writing personal statements famous authors. Commonly accepted pseudonyms and simplified names include:. Names from languages outside the Latin alphabet, such as Chinese or Russian, may vary in spelling. If this is the case, find the most authoritative variant i. In Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, the author name will often appear with the surname first, followed by the first name.

In this case, do not include a comma between the surname and first name when creating the source reference, as the name is already inverted. The various articles in French have different rules, which can even depend on the number of syllables in the name. For German names, von is usually considered part of the first name. For example, Kleist, Heinrich von. However, in an English-language context, the von stays with the surname. For example, Von Trapp, Maria. For example, Di Costanzo, Angelo.

Many Chinese surnames, for example, begin with letters late in the alphabet. But Weber found researchers are reacting in a number of ways to overcome the hurdles associated with having surnames late in the alphabet.

Others resort to manipulating their surnames to move closer to the front. To prevent alphabetical discrimination, Weber thinks that authors in all disciplines should be ordered according to their relative contribution. In this style, the main contributor is listed first and the most senior author in the team is listed last.

Bragantia - Instructions to authors

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Order of authors in research paper

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