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In fact often times a little excess weight may even be celebrated and regarded as a sign of well-being. The terms "gorda" or "gordita" which translate to English as "fat" can actually be used as terms of endearment for loved ones such as a spouse or a child. Related Documents: Essay on Spanish Culture.

New Mexico has always been a Spanish speaking state, and right now is the most important time to teach Spanish to the children so they… Words - Pages 2. The Spanish influence moved northward from present day Mexico in search of gold and cities of gold that they had found in the Native American Indian nations… Words - Pages 3.

Although diversity exists on the island nation, its Spanish influence plays the largest role in its modern… Words - Pages 6. Four… Words - Pages 2. Memories: First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Language Essay designated essay written by Gloria Anzaldua I evidently felt that I can relate to her earlier life experiences using language in contrast with mine.

In the following essay I will compare my personal life experiences with Anzaldua… Words - Pages 3. Mexican Cilture Essay Mexican Culture Before the beginning of the16th century there were many societies already flourishing in what is known today as Mexico, including the Olmecs, the Mayan, the Toltec and the Aztec.

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The role that grammar and grammatical accuracy play in foreign language teaching is, as ever, a much discussed topic, in a Swedish context and internationally cf. Communicative competence has sometimes been regarded as something opposed to knowledge of grammatical forms, whereas supporters of the focus on form theory generally see no such discrepancy cf. Ellis et al. There may also have been a tendency to somewhat overlook writing in favour of oral competencies Cadierno, ; Burston, a; Ciapuscio, In Sweden, the role of grammar in the teaching of modern languages is somewhat strengthened in the new curriculum of Rewrite my essay, a as compared to the previous of Skolverket, a ; however, the curriculum does not state in detail which grammatical features should be studied when, leaving it up to the teachers to deduce what grammar content is needed e.

Several researchers stress that pupils need a certain level of grammatical competence in order to be able to use technology such as online translation OT or grammar checkers Vernon, ; cf. Potter et al. This is discussed in further detail in Fredholm submitted. Steding, Already inHawisher et al.

This is a point of view repeatedly mentioned by many others, such as, recently, Hylandwho talks about the pressure on teachers to use new technologies in their teaching, and about the need to critically examining the technology. If teachers are to make good use of the technologies available in the classroom, they need to be write narrative essay to evaluate their pedagogical affordances.

The present study was designed to address this issue. The Swedish school system comprises nine years of compulsory school most often preceded by one or several years of pre-school and three years of upper secondary school, the gymnasium, which is not compulsory but attended by the majority of pupils Skolverket, b. With the school reform ofa new grading system was introduced, comprising six grade levels ranging from A to F, A being the highest. The lowest pass grade is E Skolverket, b. English is the my weakness essay foreign language taught at all schools, generally from the third year or earlier, and is compulsory.

Every pupil has the opportunity to study at least one other foreign language. The number of pupils studying Spanish often lead to big and heterogeneous groups, and the demand for qualified teachers is still to be met. Erickson et al. The main purpose of the present study is to examine how the use of OT affects fluency, complexity and accuracy in essay writing in Spanish as a foreign language. Comparisons are made with a control group also writing their essays on computers, but without access to the Internet.

Other online resources such as Wikipedia searches and the use of verb conjugation sites did co-occur with OT use; as these uses were rare and do not seem to have made any discernible impact on the essays, they will not be dealt with in this article.

Other questions regarding how and why pupils use different strategies to write in Spanish as a foreign language are discussed in Fredholm submitted. They wrote on their personal laptops provided by the school the previous year. The online group was allowed to access anything write effective exemplification essays wanted on the Internet, whereas the offline group was not allowed to use any online resources.

The online group also had the Spanish spell and grammar checker functions of Microsoft Word installed on their computers, whereas the offline group did not.

The 57 participating pupils handed in a total number of essays. As it became evident that many pupils in the offline group had accessed the Internet and used OT for a large part of their first essay, and for a smaller number of the remaining essays, the affected texts were discarded, leaving a number of essays 84 from the online group, 28 from the offline groupas is summarised below in Table I. The teachers had access to the essays for grading or to use them in other ways in their teaching and assessment.

Table I. Participants, essays and screencasts. It was the first semester of their fifth or sixth year 3 of Spanish studies, at the national curriculum level IV, corresponding roughly to the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Council of Europe, The gender distribution of the online group was fairly even, while the offline group only counted two male pupils.

The pupils had 30 minutes to write each essay, with an additional five minutes to read and understand the topic, to have a final look-through of their texts, to save them and hand them in. To reduce stress, the researcher made clear in the beginning of each writing session that there was no need to complete the essay.

The pupils were asked to record their computer screens while writing, using the online screencast service screencast-o-matic. A few screencast files were also damaged or not correctly saved. Read their essays to strengthen your own essay writing abilities. The components of a basic essay in Spanish is the same as English: an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

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Trending now. Teaching How to Create a Syllabus. Then Write climax essay Went to the White House. Get Teaching Instead, identify the materials necessary for research ahead of time. Andrew W.

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