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Business communication, exchange of information, marketing of products and services, everything is being done using the network technology. My Account E-Commerce Essays All of the essays are free to use and download with no registration required to see the full dissertation electronic commerce content. At the heart of this framework were twenty key questions for managers considering entering E-commerce and twelve critical success factors needed for sustained E-commerce success.

This strategy formulation framework was tested by applying the initial stages in a feasibility study for an established, traditional retail company to determine whether it should move into E-commerce. The later stages of the framework were then retrospectively applied to successful and unsuccessful E-commerce companies. Moreover, aim to decrease the risk and effects of identity theft in e-commerce possible best practice techniques were identified through this research which was achieved through a study of existing literature which results the formation of a policy document.

This policy document was also evaluated by industry experts. Internet is also called worldwide network of computers. It provides excellent opportunities for an organization to do their business online. Security implications hold back the business. Whereas on the other hand System Hackers are trying to get as much information as possible, which they can easily sell in the black market.

Specific guidelines should be followed by companies to develop a safe and successful appearance in the online business. He further says that thieves have been stealing wallets and credit cards for a long time, but the growth of online buying and on-line banking has made Identify Theft the fastest growing white-collar crime in the U.

On the other hand, some people are disagreed that the major cause of Identity theft is internet. As per Thomas C. Only a small fraction of such incidences result from on line transactions. According to a report published in the American angle, Anne P. Minz which says that the consumer sentinel network of agencies gathering data on e-commerce fraud, reports that in alone, there werecomplaints, compared toreported in Figures such as the ones noted above are apparently disconcerting, in other to glean possible remedies which in turn demands for additional research on this issue.

There are so many occasioning of identity theft and different ways this may be consummate. The overheads and wounded are considerable dissertation e commerce financial institutions as well as individuals, but the overheads are often difficult to reveal or enumerate, mainly for individual punter sufferers.

If an individual is auspicious enough to avoid financial responsibility for the theft, in so many ways they still endure losses in different ways, which may not be substantial; most of the time the affecting damage is very heavy that some sufferers commend suicide while so many others hunt for therapeutic or psychiatric assistance. In an attempt to recover from the theft or loss, sufferer may end up costs more money and time.

These two must not be perplexed as theft resembles fraud in that and both engagedin some form of unlawful takings, but fraud requires an extra component of false pretenses formed to persuade a sufferer to turn over wealth, property or other services. Harsh punishment is for fraud because of more planning is involved in that than does the theft.

However, for the use of this study we are going to focus on identity theft in e-commerce in accessing the effect on online business in UK. As per encyclopedia dictionarySometimes theft is used synonymously with larceny as a term; however, we can say that, it is actually a broader term, encircling many forms of dishonestly taking of property, including cheating, double-crossing and false pretenses.

Some states categorize all papers on anxiety offenses under a single statutory crime of theft.

Federal trade commission, In other words we can say when someone else uses your identity as his own with the ultimate ambition for fiscal, material, and monetary gain. The Internet, the evolution of e-commerce, online shopping, and wireless capability, the explanation of identity theft can be further extended to comprise such things as the hacking into the customer databases of large organizations; stealing of usernames and passwords; the theft and hacking of network login sessions; and onwards.

The development of e-commerce and particularly Wireless has compounded the problem of identity theft. Basically, it can happen worst yet to anyone, anywhere and at anytime, at variable edges in the way that information can easily be stolen.

Identity theft can also happen at your workplace, particularly if you do most of your work through telecommuting over a wireless link. For example, there could be someone sitting next to you, and this person could have set up a fake wireless access point, and you unintentionally logged into that, thinking that you have really linked to a legitimate, safe and encrypted wireless link.

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