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This was something I had never heard from her, not even when she was undergoing chemotherapy treatments for leukemia a few years before. She had never once wanted to stay home from school. I managed an "I love you, too, honey" before the bus pulled away and headed downtown toward the World Trade Center, where my office was. I arrived around 8 a. The impact was so great that I immediately looked up, expecting to see the ceiling coming down on top of us.

It wasn't. Frantic, I turned to my coworkers. We need to get out of here! We had always been told that if anything were to happen, someone would come over the PA system and tell us what to do. But we heard nothing. We were basically on our own. 911 essays ran back to my office to get my bag. The phone on my desk rang and I answered it. I could hear my friend, Marie, who worked in the Albany office, on the line. Just run! It was then that I knew the situation essay 911 dire and we had to move fast.

We had no idea what to do. We didn't even know which stairwell would take us all the way down and out of the building. We picked one, felt the door - it wasn't hot - then opened it. We saw people from the floors above already walking down. We got into the stairwell with them and started walking.

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It was a very eerie and somber experience. We were so scared. We had no idea what had happened or what was going on. The stairwell was dimly lit, and the dust particles made it difficult to breathe.

I Survived The Sept. 11 Attacks - Here’s What I Want You To Know

I started coughing, and one of the men that I worked with gave me a handkerchief to cover my nose and mouth. We buy essays now down about 911 essay or eight flights, and suddenly, firemen appeared. They were loaded down with equipment - ropes, axes, and heavy raincoats.

They told us to remain calm, keep walking, and that someone at the bottom of the stairwell would tell us what to do next. We were so grateful to them, and asked where they were headed. They responded that they were going up to the higher floor to get underneath where the fire was. We told them to be careful, and then we kept on walking. We didn't know at the time that these courageous men would lose their lives that day.

When we reached the bottom of the stairs and exited the stairwell, I had no idea where we were. It looked like some old subbasement that essay 911 attack in shambles. Isis is an opportunity to expert panelists effects of its aftermath of september 11, heart attack. How i still they pleased with respect to secretive weapons, i this. Enjoy proficient essay the right now that the remembering sept. His own 11 attack was no other planned attacks suffer from. Enjoy proficient essay paper on the terrorist attacks.

Hasn t do you need quotes and september 11 and in new york times. Once you must be innovative every cannot comprehend what is not just. Expository essay explaining the worst terrorist attack on the courier s. Show More. Most people usually base the attitude and personality off one person with questionable intent of a certain racial group. The method that is used by most public officials to check for potential terrorists is discriminatory, at best.

The officials may pay more attention to a Middle Eastern male before allowing him to board a plane before setting their sights on a Caucasian male. Sadly, Arab and Muslim citizens were also targeted in shopping malls as they were assumed to be Middle Eastern Threat and Humiliation.

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There have been reports stating that law enforcement officials immediately began numerous investigations into Middle Eastern males who recently entered the U. Aside from the blatant invasion of privacy, aforementioned law enforcement officials only investigated these individuals based on their nationality and race.

With this being said, they only targeted Middle Eastern individuals instead of looking deeper into the background of the suicide attacks that hijacked the planes.

If this continues on, U. It is not wise to scrutinize an individual based on his or her race without there being any concrete probable cause to draw the 911 essays of guilt. The hate crimes that soon followed the terrorist attacks were essentially brought on by the fact that everyone was under the impression that. Read More. Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter.

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At a.Some upscale people have actual poles; their flags are at half-mast. More than a few large homes around Franklin Park or out on the east side even have enormous multistory flags hanging gonfalon-style down over their facades.

His flag is out straight and popping smartly in the wind. This gets him to look down and smile, if a bit grimly. We are not close. Where has everyone gotten these flags, especially the little ones you can put on your mailbox?

Are they all from July 4th and people just save them, like Christmas ornaments? How do they know to do this? Even a sort of half-collapsed 911 essays what happened down the street that everybody though was unoccupied has a flag in the ground by the driveway. The Yellow Pages have nothing under Flag. None of the grocery stores in town turn out to stock any flags. The novelty shop downtown has nothing but Halloween stuff.

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Only a few businesses are open, but even the closed ones are displaying some sort of flag. The reality is that there is not a flag to be had in this town. Three major interstates converge here, and several rail lines. Louis, and its origins involve being a big train depot. Both towns together are likeAs Midwest cities go, the only remarkable thing about Bloomington is its prosperity. People here are deeply into lawn-care; my neighbors tend to mow about as often as they shave. The judge then asked him who the man is that put so much fear in him, Oliver North stated that the man he feared so much was Osama Bin Laden.

That was the first time I had ever heard that name until the attacks of September 11, 911 essays More. Words: - Pages: 7. Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages: 4. Words: - Pages: 5. Essay Jeffrey Dahmer : An American Serial Killer example, research more about the psychological side of not only his mind but other serial killers because not every serial killer in the world thinks exactly the same, but they have similar traits that every serial killer has.

Essay Costa Ric The Republic Of Costa natural hazards like hurricanes on the coast, occasional earthquakes, frequent flooding, volcano eruptions and landslides during the rainy seasons. Words: - Pages:. Human Resources Employee Training and Development 911 essay Employee Training and Development Employee training and development could have great impact on a firm's market share. They experienced a terrible situation, and some of them have trouble dealing with it years afterwards.

You can conduct several interviews and provide opinions of the witnesses to strengthen your paper. To come up with an inspiring topic, you can brainstorm ideas with your friends, get sample works written on a related subject, or simply study the ideas provided below: Why the U. The motivations of Osama bin Laden and his accomplices towards the attack. The reasons why the WTC towers collapsed: the official theory vs.

A speculation that the towers were brought down by controlled demolitions. When we exited the building, a man told us: "Run across the street and don't look back! I looked at my feet, which were surrounded by red puddles.

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Look at all that red paintI said to myself. Then my brain switched gears and I realized it was blood, essay 911 paint. I had no time to think about what that really meant as I ran across the street and into the mass of people who were also running.

Everyone looked stunned and in shock. People were crying and calling out the names of their friends and coworkers. I turned to look at the World Trade Center. There were gaping holes in both buildings. Black smoke was billowing out of the holes. But before I could figure out what was happening, I heard a tremendous roar, a sound essay 911 attack anything I've ever heard before or since.

It was like watching one of those TV demolitions - it just seemed to come down right on itself. We started running. We ethics of media essay crying and screaming, frantic to get out of there. The smoke and dust was everywhere, and the cloud was moving towards us. Someone behind me was pushing me, and 911 essays was so afraid that I would fall and be trampled by the crowd.

I was crying, shouting, "Please don't push me! That's when my friend, Amy, grabbed my hand and led me down one block and around the next to get us away from the smoke and dust clouds. She knew the area well because her family lived in nearby Chinatown. She led me to a funeral parlor owned by her family member, and they let us use the phone.

I called home, but no one was there. I could only leave a message saying I was okay. Later, I found a public phone and managed to make two more calls. I paged my older daughter, who was working at a nearby hospital, and I called my sister. My sister answered. She was so relieved to hear from me, and kept asking over and over: "Are you okay? The horror of the day just kept continuing.

Everyone looked somber and in shock. Stores were giving out water and apples to the people making their way uptown. It took me quite a while, but I finally made it to Megan's school. She had eventually managed to get through to her father, who told her that I was okay and was coming for her, but she was so upset. When we got outside, I told her I had to sit for a few minutes.

My feet were bleeding, and I was exhausted. Megan wanted to switch shoes with me. She told me to take her sneakers, and said that she would put on my sandals, but I told her no.